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Semantic Google keywords

I seem to have picked up the habit of using semantic keywords in my Google searches. I have no idea if Google actually supports any of them, but, if they don’t, they should!

  1. buy
    Example: buy usb extension cable
    Meaning: I’m specifically looking to purchase something, so don’t show me any site that doesn’t help me buy things, preferably online.
  2. review
    Example:  Samsung galaxy note review
    Meaning:I want to read reviews about something. Don’t show any site that doesn’t have at least one review.
  3. experience
    Example: Samsung galaxy note experience
    Meaning: I’m interested in people’s personal experiences. I’m interested in blogs, and informal reviews: not professional reviews from technophiles. 
  4. get/download
    Example:  get git
    Meaning:Take me to sites that either let me download Git, or will explain how I can do this.
  5. photo
    Example: photo Birrarung Marr
    Meaning: I want to see what Birrarung Marr looks like. Show me photos, pictures, whatever!
  6. how to
    Example: how to uninstall Crayon Physics
    Meaning: I’m looking for  technical solutions, problem solving, troubleshooting type sites.
  7. compare
    Example: compare HDMI DLNA
    Meaning: I’m looking for information about the differences between these two things: massively prioritise pages that treat just these two things
  8. alternatives
    Example: BeyondPod alternatives
    Meaning:  I’m looking for things like BeyondPod, but different to it. Especially show me comparisons between it and its alternatives.
  9. why
    Example: why github
    Meaning: I want to know the benefits of GitHub. Prioritise sites that tell me specifically about its advantages, the problems that it solves – not how to use it, or general descriptions of it.